2K20 Cover Stars Announced (News)

As another season in the NBA concludes so does the latest versions of your favorite sports games, with the free agency period live it was only a matter of days until we learned who would grace the cover of NBA 2K20. Well after some cryptic post on Instagram we now know that former New Orleans Pelicans power foward/Center Anthony Davis will be the cover star for the regular and deluxe editions of the game and 3x Finals champion and recently retired shooting guard, Dwayne Wade will be the legends edition cover star.

With the announcement of the cover athletes also came a 30 second preview of the game. The trailer starts with shots of D-Wade and the quote “Next Legend” than it is followed by shots of AD with new teammate LeBron James, 2019 NBA Finals MVP/ champion Kawhi Leanord and Kyle Anderson and Brooklyn’s newest star, Kevin Durant with the quote “Next Chapter”. After that we are shown what all 2k players are waiting for, fixed gameplay, shown not at all but we do see Zion Williamson and a tease at WNBA being in the game with the quote “Next Generation.” Now while I am a casual 2k player I got to say this is just the same game rehashed for this year, nothing special has been shown and honestly I could care less for the inclusion of the WNBA, I only play 2k to run 2’s with the homies on All-Star Team Up. I really just hope that 2K improves the MyTeam and MyCareer game modes since the past MyCareer’s have always been lackluster, but we also don’t buy 2K for the story. NBA 2K20 has a set release date of September 6th, 2019.

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