Go Krazy, Go Stupid Freestyle – Lil Yachty (Single)

Lil Yachty rows into your airwaves with his latest single “Go Krazy, Go Stupid Freestyle”. Produced by Heavy Mellow and Ronny J, the singles name is a play on the popular 2015 Vine but with a lot more bass and snare. Lyrically Yachty goes in, these aren’t Godly type bars but for a rapper who has a more trap and mumble sound it is refreshing to hear him attempting to rhyme in his song. I will say however the song does have bars, they are simple but effect like Magikarp. As I said before the production is trap heavy, the beat is okay, I feel as a freestyle beat this is okay but I would have liked something else, maybe a bit more faster or even just more than some drums and snares. Honestly this is a basic single but it shows promise since it Lil Yachty is releasing his fourth studio album “Lil Boat 3” sometime this year.

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