Homicide – Logic x Eminem (Music Video)

After its initial release back on May 2nd, 2019 Logic has released a music video for his single “Homicide” off of his fifth studio album “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” The music video starts with a voicemail left by co-founder of Shady Records, Paul Rosenberg indicates that Bobby Tarantino won’t be able to have Em in his music video. After a friend of Bobby walks into the studio we get a fun back and forth between the two where the friend suggest using a body double for Eminem and Logic, but who will play Logic, Chauncey Leopardi aka “Squints” from Sandlot. From 2:07 to 3:56 the video sees Squints acting like Logic, doing a damn fine job might I add and even showing love to Logic’s third mixtape, “Young Sinatra”. Another facetime call made to Chris D’Elia starts Eminem’s verse where a blond haired D’Elia plays Slim Shady, there is also a nod to Mather’s music video for “Without Me” in the video. Then at the end Marshall Mather’s leaves Bobby a message, stating “D’Elia doesn’t play me…; I PLAY D’ELIA” and it cuts to Eminem dressed as Chris acting out his meme of how Eminem raps. Overall solid music video, I wasn’t asking for this music video but I got kicks out of the body double idea which made this feel refreshing instead of just another generic Logic music video.

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