Yellow – Rich Brian (Music Video)

Indonesia born rapper Rich Brian released his latest single “Yellow” from his upcoming album “THE SAILOR”. Produced by Rappy and B─ôkon, this single has a different tone than Brian’s normal sound, with a slower pace and more darker storytelling I think this is Brian’s way of switching it up from his normal trap sound. The single reminds me of fellow 88Rising member Joji who uses lo-fi and sad rap elements in a lot of his music. Lyrically the song focuses on a secluded and hurt Brian, lines like “They gon’ memorize my name when I’m gone; And they gon’ recognize my face when I’m gone (They gon’ love me when I’m gone)” or “How do I disappear without anybody knowing?; Will anybody even miss me when I’m gone?” I feel this is some of Brian’s most personal work yet, I feel this is us seeing into the 19 year old rappers personal demons and lifestyle, a really raw song that makes me hope for more of this from the young rapper. The music video is shot like a beautiful Wes Anderson film, starting with Brian looking from a saran wrapped house into a lively home. Brian starts to fight his way out of the wrap, going so far as to crack the glass window that acts as his way of escaping his hellhole to find light. Once the second verse starts we see the demons in the house try to posses and stop Brian from breaking free from the house. After finally breaking free, Brian rises from the broken glass with a beautiful fire behind him, a zoom into his iris shows in a picture montage the party life that lead him into the situation, it than ends with a continuous shot of Brian in front of the burning building. I can not wait for more from Rich Brian, “THE SAILOR” drops July 26th, 2019.

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