Loyalty – pscila (Single)

Are you looking for a beautiful song to add to your playlist, look no further with San Diego’s own pscila and her single “Loyalty”. Produced by Strange Figures (@strangefigures) “Loyalty” is a blend of genres, rap, R&B and pop with a story about a partner in a one-sided relationship who sacrifices everything for their counterpart and yet questions if their loyalty is blind. This song is deep and to those who have ever been in a one-sided or abusive relationship than it hits you on a deeper level, pscila has a wonderfully soothing voice that mesmerizes me every time I play back the track. I personally feel pscila will be a household name in a couple of years, if you wanna help support her please follow her Instagram, @pscilaaa and share this lyrics video she just recently released for “Loyalty” which uses art from Bobby Zeik and was edited by THEHEAVENMAKERS (@theheavenmakers).

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