Be Cool – Money B x Young Hump (Music Video)

Do you remember Oakland based rap group Digital Underground, you have to remember the main MC, Humpty Hump pronounced with the “umpty” or at least the MC who you heard was banging your home girl you went to school with Money B? Well Money B is putting in work with Humpty Hump’s son Young Hump and their last single “Be Cool” is a banger, produced by Mike Balot and filmed in Budapest, Hungary, the single sees both rappers talking about what it means to “Be Cool”. Young Hump starts the single with his fathers flow and delivery but slowed down, a real dope sound that I hope continues in future singles. Money B’s bars are a staple, B has been in the game for years so if you ever heard a Digital Underground or Tupac track than you know what he brings, good bars and a nice flow. This duo has been consitnaly making moves so follow them on Instagram to keep up with the hussle, @younghumpdu and @moneyb69.

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