That’s Life – 88-Keys x Mac Miller x Sia (Single)

New York producer 88-Keys released a brand new single titled “That’s Life” with guest features from the late Mac Miller and Sia. The song was originally conducted back in 2015 and was leaked May 19th, 2019 under the title “Benji The Dog”, that version also didn’t have Sia on it. Miller starts the song off talking about living his life with his mother and how he suffered from substance abuse for a majority of his life, this is where I feel the Benji title was used because Benji the dog is well known for being around in bad situations. Miller then mounts up to do the chorus and continues to begin verse 2 which dives into Fisherman giving advice those who have to reach for a substance to help them. The tragedy behind that is Miller passed away September 7th, 2018 to an overdose so this song in a way feels to real and sets as a reminder to yet another tragic, young lose in the music industry. The line that hit me deeply was “…this my last show; Can I get a standing ovation?” I feel that line truly echos to me because I listened to Mac back in middle school and his death hit me when I was at work, I couldn’t even begin to think about if he really did pass away until I was on break and my worst fear came true. Now Sia’s bridge and outro I feel weren’t needed, Sia was not bad bit I prefer the orginal without her vocals.

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