Out The Mud – Lil Baby x Future (Single)

Lil Baby and Future collaborate to release “Out The Mud”, a fast-paced trap single titled “Out The Mud”. This shit slaps, honestly if you are here for lyrics you’re trying way to hard to make this song deep, Lil Baby starts the single off rapping about how he’s the new big dog coming into the game, the money he makes and pretty much the normal shit you hear on a trap track. Future comes in bringing another dope feature and continues the same theme, money, fame and living life. Now just because it’s a trap joint doesn’t mean no bars were dropped, one of the best on the single in my opinion was “I’m a real Soulja Boy, I really play with Dracos.”, which is a nod to Soulja Boy, real name DeAndre Cortez Way who also goes by “Draco” as explained on the January 16th, 2019 episode of The Breakfast Club. I think overall this single is a banger, the beat is hot and the lyrics blend well like bananas and strawberries, put this in your workout or party mix, I guarantee you’ll fuck with it that much.

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