MEGATRON – Nicki Minaj (Music Video)

Nicki Minj is back, bringing yet another trap song that feels repeative and basic. “MEGATRON” is produced by the loud-spoken Minaj, Andrew “POP” Wansel and NOVA WAV and sees Nicki embrace her bad guy persona seen back in 2018 during her beef with Remy Ma. Now to set this in stone, I don’t think this single is good, I think it is okay at best, the first verse I think was solid but lost me at parts, Nicki shows she can spit bars still but she didn’t keep a good constancy with them. The chorus is decent, I feel it is just to help glorifies Nicki’s Barbie body since the first part reads “Feel up, baby, feel on me; Pull up if you’re feeling lonely…”. After verse 1 this song goes to the dumps for me, I really couldn’t get into the song after that first minute which is a shame because this was Nicki’s first single after a 3 month hiatus from social media. The music video is real basic, bunch of shots again showing of Nicki’s body and such, car shoots, hot tub and a weird out of place tropic theme make this feel like a confused single. I am sure little kids who need some new materiel will enjoy this music video but for me I wasn’t feeling it, this was honestly a decent single, its saving grace is the first verse, Minaj should have kept the song shorter or tried putting some more bars into that second verse and I think this single would have been supremely better.

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