B.o.B – The Elephant (Music Video)

B.o.B releases his final single titled “The Elephant” for his newly released seventh studio album “Southmatic”. The music video is a fun, colorful and weird adventure packed with a zebra printed elephant that periodically pops up in the visuals. The video starts with a nod to Queens second studio album “Queen II” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. From Cirque du Soleil to a pasty pussy, the music video has a variety of settings that change between the three verses. The three verses feature a nice amount of bars with a blend of more East Coast rhyme style than the normal B.o.B conscious sound, I felt this was Bobby trying to be more a rapper than anything with bars like “I put the Mac down, she give me laptop” or “Silence the potato, drop cheese and then I bake ’em; and then I, and then I dodge the bacon.” I think lyrically the song is solid and visually it is clean, I especially find the use of the elephant in the music video as a strong point since the single is called “The Elephant” but I also think this served as a great way to help newcomers to B.o.B remember him for his larger than life music. “Southmatic” is out now and features “The Elephant”, “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” and many other dope tracks from B.o.B, we will have a review up soon for the whole LP by Sunday June 23, 2019.

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