“Swimming In Silver”; Crxwn Jewellery releases silver Mac Miller Chain and Pendant (Fashion)

Nino P is the founder of Crxwn Jewellers, a jewelry company from Great Britain that strives to make “symbols of the culture”. Crxwn recently caught my eye for this .925 silver necklace of Mac Miller. The pendant is modeled after Fishermans fifth studio album “Swimming” with Mac sitting with his fret extended out of a plane like doorway with the sky and clouds meeting through the window. On the backside of the pendant Crxwn has a epitaph with a list of their favorite projects by Miller. This si definitely a dope piece that will run you back 200 Euros or about $226 in USD. 10% of the processes go to CALM, (Campaign Against Living Miserably) an organization to help lower suicide among males under 45 in the UK.

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