Ain’t Mobbin – Beeda Weeda x E-40 x B-Legit x Mac God Dbo (Single)

The Bay Area brings yet another knocker titled “Ain’t Mobbin”. “Ain’t Mobbin” features Beeda Weeda, E-40, B-Legit, Mac God Dbo and was produced by The Mekanix. Beeda Weed starts the song off spitting about phony, bitch ass niggas, Frisco and how he is a young OG. Mac God Dbo is on the hook which goes “You niggas ain’t mobbin, you ain’t doing no dirt, you aint putting in work”, solid and gets the job done as a hook. E-40 does his normal OG and businessman rap that has become his normal for a few albums now, not to disrespect it because as a rapper I admire how E-40 is able to consistently put out good features and solid albums all while maintaining his multiple businesses. I think E-40 has the best verse of the single mainly because his verse had me nodding my head back and forth since E-40 has a great way to freshen a song through his wordplay and Bay Area slang that he made a majority of. B-Legit enters and also delivers a solid verse about snakes and how cats act OG but that he himself is about that OG life and shows love to how and who helped him get that OG status. The Mekanix deliver another good beat, with their signature tag at the beginning to the high bass that blows speakers out, good beat for a overall good song.

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