48 Bedshakes – Ace Felli (Single)

Jersey based artist Ace Felli dropped a dope lo-fi track titled “48 Bedshakes”. This lo-fi blend of chopped n screwed southern rap with a nice beat was made by Newark’s Felli who released this single on June 11th of 2019. From the cover I mistakenly assumed Ace was from Texas but that big state silhouette, lean pour and fuzzy effect on the cover was just to emphasize the chopped n screwed sound he was modeling this track with, I found this personally dope because I feel chopped n screwed is a great sub-genre in rap that doesn’t pop up in music often nowadays. If you like this and wanna hear more I recommend listening to “Nature Boy” of his “48 Nature” EP released in this year, you can also follow him on Instagram, @acefelli.

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