29 Years of “We’re All in the Same Gang” (Musical Hippie History)

29 years ago (June 19th, 1990) The West Coast Rap All-Stars came together to release “We’re All in the Same Gang” on Warner Records. The West Coast Rap All-Stars is a collective of Above the Law, Body & Soul, Def Jef, Humpty Hump and Shock G of Digital Underground, Ice T, J. J. Fad, King Tee, MC Hammer, Michel’le, N.W.A., Oaktown’s 3.5.7., Tone-Loc and Young MC. The single follows in the Stop the Violence Movement started in the East Coast after a fan was killed at a Boogie Down Productions and Public Enemy concert in 1987, that same year BDP member Scott La Rock would be sadly killed which only fueled this movement to help bring awareness and peace to the streets. The lyrics focus on the troublesome gang life, the struggles of young black males surviving to see the next day and pushing the message of getting an education and not being another chalk outline in the hood.

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