Raptors In 6: Toronto Raptors Beat Golden State Warriors 114 – 110 (News)

Raptors lept on screens in America in 1993, 1995 Raptors took over Scotibank Arena, 2019 Raptors battled their way from the East to The Oracle and took on legendary Warriors Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson for the chance at immortality. After 6 games and many unfortunate injuries, the Toronto Raptors laid rest to the Warriors 3-peat, gaining their first ever Larry O’Brien Championship since the franchise was founded in 1995. The 2019 Bill Russell Finals MVP was awarded to small forward / shooting guard Kawhi Leonard who is now a 2x champion and 2x Finals MVP. This was definitely a great Finals this year and leaves a lot of questions to be asked for the 2020 NBA season, where will Kevin Durant be? Will Kawhi stay in Toronto? Does DeMar DeRozen get a sacrifice ring? 2020 will be interesting but for now 2019 is the year of the Raptors

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