ZUU – Denzel Curry (Review)

Florida’s own Denzel Curry released a fresh new LP last week titled “ZUU”, a fast paced, lyrically packed LP with a good amount of slaps to keep you interested. This 12 track LP was produced by the likes of Ronny J, Tay Keith, Charlie Heat, FNZ, Jasper Harris, Keanu Beats, Rugah Rahj and Mickey de Grand IV and was released on Loma Vista Records. The album sees the southern rapper show off his Florida roots, from album cover to references in his lyrics, this is a album for his city.

“ZUU” is a loud party anthem, a song that gets your blood rushing and makes you bounce. I really liked the production on this track and the wordplay shown by Curry on this self-titled opening track. “RICKY” which was the first offical single for “ZUU” and keeps that high energy from the opening while also letting Denzel flash his lyricism. “WISH” sees our first guest feature on the LP from Kiddo Marv. Now I honestly didn’t care for this songs lyrics because I was really vibing to the production, I liked this synth, 80’s pop sound used in the song. This song would also see the first of many who get respectfully name dropped, XXXTENTACION and Denzel’s brother Treon Johnson. “BIRDZ” has Denzel teaming up with fellow Florida rapper Rick Ross and this was honestly another favorite of mine, I liked Ross’s verse a lot and the beat was really on point for this two to build great chemistry, also we get a nod from Ross to the late Nipsey Hu$$le. Tay Keith’s signature opening tag begins track 6, “AUTOMATIC” which sees Curry spit bars like a fully automatic rifle, this was a very well put together song and definitely shows that hustler side of Curry and makes you feel in the mind of a hustler.

Track 7 titled “SPEEDBOAT” is the second official single off of the LP and didn’t disappoint me. At first I wasn’t to fond of the single, but a blunt later and I was really vibing to this and singing the song like Miles Morales. “BUSHY B INTERLUDE” is a nice little fast paced breakup for the 12 track LP, a nice treat before the final few songs. “YOO” is hands down one of the funniest songs I have ever heard. The song plays out as a conversation over the phone between two homies, who greet each other with some yo’s. You only hear the other cat on the line say yo a majority of this song, but the straight 1 minute of relatability is funny and just makes me smile since I can definitely be quoted for saying a signature word. “CAROLMART” features Ice Billion Berg who is also from Carol City along with Denzel. The song is named after a flea market located in Carol City, the song itself is just a love letter from the rappers to their city. “SHAKE 88” is a joint made straight for partying, talking about hoes and smoking bowls while also paying some love to “Boyz-n-the-Hood” by Eazy-E and N.W.A. in the hook of the track. Honestly this song is just okay, didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. “BLACKLAND 66.6” is a track that pays respect to Curry’s roots in music, the song is actually the same name for SpaceGhostPurrp’s 2017 mixtape “Blackland Radio 66.6”. Curry and Purrp were members of the Florida based rap group Raider Klan. “P.A.T.” is the final track on the album, featuring PlayThatBoiZay this song lyrically is dope but I am mixed on the beat, I like it but I don’t like the weird, glitch sound that is repeatedly played over and over throughout the song, I just didn’t like that sound.


Overall I think this is a strong LP, I don’t like it as much as I liked his previous album “TA13OO” but I feel that this is a work of art in its own ways. I think production really shines and only improved

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