In Memory of Richard “Bushwick Bill” Shaw (12/8/1966 – 6/9/2019) (News)

It’s comes with beay pain to say that Bushwick Bill has passed away from cancer, this comes after only announcing he had been battling with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in May of 2019. Bill would begin his career as a backup dancer for the second carnation of the Geto Boys, with DJ Ready Red (RIP) and Prince Johnny C back in 1986. Once this group broke up the most infamous version of the Geto Boys was formed, with Scarface and Willie D now having Bill then known as “Little Billy” taking stage as a rapper named Bushwick Bill. Bushwick would gain attention for his height, standing at 3 ft 8 in, often referred to as Chucky. In 1992 he would release his first solo album “Little Big Man” to success, this is his best solo LP in my opinion next to his sophomore album “Phantom of the Rapra” which released in 1995. Bushwick Bill had also been working on releasing a film titled “Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy” which would talk about the Jamaican-American rapper. Salute to Bushwick Bill for his impact in Hip-Hop, may he Rest In Peace.

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