BIGGER, BADDER & BETTER: Borderlands 3 Trailer (News)

Moze “The Gunner”, F4LK “The Beastmaster”, Zane Flynt “The Operative” and Amara “The Siren”. This is our new colorful cast of vault hunters recruited by Lilith to bring an end to a cult called The Children of the Vault. In this trailer you see many familiar faces from the Borderlands series, from Claptrap and Sir Hammerlock to Maya and Rhys. This trailer definitely has gotten me hyped for September, I already feel the need to main either The Beastmaster or The Operative class, especially The Beastmaster since his class looks really interesting with the aspect that you have your own beast to send against bandits. The game launches September 13th of this year for Playstation, Xbox and PC, sorry switch users.

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