Magic Number – B.o.B (Single)

B.o.B has dropped yet another single that has yet again put a play on a classic for of media in the name of “Magic Number”. From the Coming To America themed “Soul Glo” to now a Schoolhouse Rock themed song, this song plays on the classic song “3 Is the Magic Number ” by Bob Dorough. The single is a way more adult version than the 46 year old track, with it all set off by that iconic hook from the original which is than followed by B.o.B’s favorite 3’s. From hookah, hoes and henny to being a crowd pleasure, this songs very catchy and I enjoyed this. The music video to is drawn in reference to the classic show it’s based off of. Now from these past two singles could we maybe see a whole album from Bobby where it is plays on classic forms of media, old movies, TV shows and songs, because I feel that would be a dope concept for him as a creative artist.

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