Let Me Tell You About My Baby – Matchstick Johnny (Single)

If you’re into that Chuck Berry, old school Rock & Roll swing type sound than Florida’s own Matchstick Johnny is your type of guy. Bring that old sound back for a new era, Matchstick Johnny got my attention through a add on Instagram that showed off his latest single “Let Me Tell You About My Baby” on 7′ vinyl. The song is very in touch with that old Rock & Roll which is why I like Johnny, the fast and upbeat guitar and drum with a Wolfman Jack sounding voice makes this very fun to listen to, definitely a great song to dance to. If you like this song and wanna help suppprt Matchstick Johnny, purchase his single on 45, it is normally $10 but right now it’s going for $8 and comes with the nostalgia of owning a classic to roots sounding Rock & Roll vinyl.

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