RedCard – FAL Records (Review)

San Jose’s underground collective known as FAL Records dropped their first album, “RedCard” and I’m gonna tell you all about it. FAL Records is made up off Greg, ZayPK, NOAH, AvalancheSixx and Young Dre, all artist located here in the Bay Area. Now Redcard in my opinion is a good collective album, this is a bunch of local MC’s coming together and putting all their creative talents into these 11 tracks.

“I’m Not Ya Mans” sees Greg and ZayPK speaking about fakeness, how one minute that hater becomes a fan and how money makes you switch up towards a person. I like the beat heavy, I couldn’t figure it out but I felt a Naruto sample was used with the slow and sad violin that plays in the background. “G.B.D.” features ZayPK againg along with NOAH. This song is more trapish, a party joint to slap in your car with the homies, I like PK’s verse a lot on this track and feel it’s on beat well with this joint. “Elevator” is just that, a song that shows Greg’s lyrical elevation as a standout of this collective, with a solid beat that has bars about fakeness, self-appreciation about himself and some insight on a darker side of the artist. This is a motivational song for those who are going through some things which is repeated in the hook along the song. “Reload” also sees another artist, ZayPK take flight on his ow track and really execute it well, with a fantastic beat and solid lyrics this was a favorite of mine. Track 5 titled “Im Outside” sees Greg and PK spit more bars about who they are, from how they get their cheddar to their rap prowess over a catchy hook.

“Cash” is a very straightforward track, featuring PK and AvalancheSixx the song talks about expenses and some heartbreak over a fast drum beat. PK has a funny bar, “need to get out of the bay it’s way to crowded” which is so true if you are a Bay Area native. “Turf” takes a big change in sound and almost sounds like Blueface’s “Thotiana” at first, but it has a hyphy beat with trap style bars, Young Dre has a good verse on this and really brings a hype to the track along with PK. “Timeline ” sees ZayPK taking charge with lyrics about fake homies and overreacting woman while also talking about relaxing, this song is a nice breakup with a fast paced beat that shows PK off again. “Red” talks about a unnamed woman at first than talking about self goals and a persons hustle, it to me serves as the definition to what this collective is, hardworking, mature artist trying to make a mark in music for themselves. Now track 10 titled “Jason” was a favorite of mine, Greg has the best verse here, with comedic lines about “your girlfriend on my fucking balls” and how he’s “in here throat like Halls”. I think Jason was another standout on this LP. “Level Up” has NOAH, Greg and ZayPK spitting some final bars, borrowing a SpongeBob sample from “I’m Not Ya Mans”. This song has a fast, almost 90’s club beat, the beat actually reminds me of some shit from Mario Cart for the N64, but the lyrics are all about how these rappers are taking over, how you best stop saying sorry and how that pussy taste.

Overall I feel this is a very solid LP, if you go into this open minded. This is Bay Area with a combination of different lyricism and views, this album is worth a listen and support especially if you’re located in the Bay. My favorite tracks were “Jason”, “Level Up” and Elevator “. If you wanna get into this album I recommend listening to this faded, my first listen I was on cloud nine after a smoke session and this album got me hyped, as a white boy with no rhythm you best believe I was getting down to this. If you wanna support this group follow their Instagram, but if you only liked a select artist here are their accounts as well – Greg (@iam_ypg) / ZayPK ( / AvalancheSixx (@avalanchesixx) / NOAH ( / Young Dre (@stbyyoungdre)

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