Before Undead EP – EzDaGoat (Review)

I am gonna start this review off real blunt, I had no idea who EzDaGoat was before a small DM conversation but I came to find a solid little EP on the homie SoundCloud titled “Before Undead”. Track one is okay, “*insert cowboy emoji*” reminds me of “Take A Step Back” by Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTENTACION with a twist of “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. The song is okay, their is a guest feature by a artist named Omar and the production by hexakill is good but this track isn’t the real reason I was interested in this EP. “Over It” was a really good track, I got XXXTENTACION vibes from that track and fully enjoyed the production. Now “f a l l i n g” is what really brought me in, like a worm to a bass I couldn’t resist a jazzy, lo-fi joint like this. I absolutely love this joint, I was listening to this while on my way to get a tattoo and I was like yo this shit is deep and yet very well put together. “pain!” is another dope track, this sees the Los Angeles artist sample XXXTENTACION’s last livestream before his track passing and use it as the lyrics for the song. The slow, dark beat plays behind that and the news reports of X’s passing, which really hit me since I do enjoy XXX and was upset by his passing in 2018. Honestly I’d recommend you check EzDaGoat’s EP out if you’re into that Sad Rap sound like me, I wiuld definitely recommend this to fans of that genre, personally I am gonna say my favorite song was “f a l l i n g”, that one is going into the playlist. Follow Goat on his Instagram, @ezdagoat to keep up with his latest projects.

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