Tomorrow – Wackavelli (Music Video)

You may be familiar with Wackavelli, a clothing brand that makes original pieces while also putting their own spin on select items from brands like GOLF WANG to Louis Vuitton. Now Wackavelli is taking a move into the music scene with the release of his first single “Tomorrow”, a colorful and creative flip on a Hip-Hop joint. Visually this single is very simple yet creative, a gentleman named Jeremiah holds clouds by strings attached to his fingers and acts as a narrator over a still image. The song has a sad yet uppy feel to it, I like the voice modification used for Jeremiah’s singing and rapping, it adds a different element to this unique video. The Music video takes place however with the same still sky blue background that has Wackavelli singing, rapping and playing God in front of it while a small diorama has people, trees and grass under it, at a certain part rain begins to pour after the sun exits giving me the impression that like seasons tomorrow while change and be different to what yesterday was. At the end of the song a snippet for a second song titled “Loop” that should be releasing soon. If you dig this follow Wackavelli on his Instagram, @wackavelli for more clothing and music.

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