IGOR – Tyler, the Creator (Review)

After a good 2 straight years of major success with his fifth studio album (Scum Fuck) Flower Boy, Tyler Okonma has now released his sixth studio album, “IGOR” and I gotta say I absolutely love it. Now this album in my perspective is split, from “IGOR’S THEME” all the way to “A BOY IS A GUN” I feel the album is Tyler confessing his feelings towards a love interest, after “A BOY IS A GUN” is when I feel the album changes, Tyler sees the toxic side of this love interest and starts to reject and regret those feelings he previously put out, wanting to move on from it. I have read elsewhere and heard that the theme is supposed to be Tyler in a love-triangle with a man and his ex-girlfriend. I don’t know how true that is but I’ve only heard that, I’m going with what I feel and have been listening too. “IGOR’S THEME” begins the album, featuring Lil Uzi Vert on vocals singing, this song is a solid opener with it’s funky, R&B sound. It Draws me in with the mystery as I wasn’t exactly prepared for this new sound Tyler brought for “IGOR”. Track 2 titled “EARFQUAKE” is perhaps the best known song from the album due to the mainstream attention it has garnered. “EARFQUAKE”features Playboi Carti in a verse, this song definitely gets me dancing when I start hearing Tyler’s vocals. Overall this is one of my favorite songs from the LP and definitely has a great music video to accompany it. “I THINK” follows with a fast paced beat and makes me also wanna dance, I like the vocals Tyler and Solange on this one and also feel this joint would be dope to dance with a girl too. “EXACTLY WHAT YOU RUN FROM YOU END UP CHASING” sees a snippet from Jerrod Carmichae’s interview with Tyler, the Creator, FLOWER BOY: the conversation. “RUNNING OUT OF TIME” samples RUN-DMC’s “Hit It Run”, this jazzy funk-fusion song has a nice relaxing break up to the album and helps let you breath after those first 4 tracks. “NEW MAGIC WAND” is another standout track for me, I really enjoyed this songs production and the pace it all went. This song sounds real good on some amps and also makes me wanna turn up, this was also another favorite of mine right here.

Track 7 “A BOY IS A GUN” is where the album takes a different turn for me, this is where I feel Tyler realizes that the partner he was having interest is toxic and has to begin moving forward. This is my favorite song overall, this is the song that defines the album for me. It also samples “Bound” by the Ponderosa Twins Plus One, this song was sampled by the likes of Kanye West for his single “Bound 2”. “PUPPET” has a nice ambiance to it, with vocals from Kanye West that make me feel like I’m listening to Frank Ocean, which is my whole vibe for “PUPPET”. “WHAT’S GOOD” is the “DEATHCAMP” of this album, this is the hype song to make you dance and turn up, I love the visuals for this one too. Track 10 follows Tyler’s tradition and is split as 2 songs, “GONE, GONE / THANK YOU”. “GONE, GONE” is a nice, uppy song about losing love towards someone, “THANK YOU” follows as the acceptance part where Tyler list out why the love was lost. “I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE” finishes off how Tyler is now feeling, the love is gone. “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?” is such a perfect track to end on, sampling Al Green’s “Dream”, a slow sad song asking a question many heartbroken people have asked at one point. Tyler’s voice in this song production on this is just so beautiful, I wanna slow dance to this song and cry, this is such a beautiful song.

Overall I personally feel that “IGOR” is the strongest album out right now for album of the year. I think this album was crafted perfectly, production and lyrically. I listened to the album as Tyler suggested, with a open mind and only focusing on the music. That is why I enjoyed this album so heavy, because with a open mind and not trying to compare this to Tyler’s older work then you’ll discover a nice experience of funk and R&B. “IGOR” is a must, you have to listen to this album and do so with an open mind, I recommend walking or laying by the lake, do something that will help you feel free so that you may experience “IGOR”.

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