So if you’re like me, you know that GOLF WANG sells out quick, but if you’re a fan of Tyler, the Creator’s last album, “(Scum Fuck) Flower Boy” than you may remember how Tyler dropped multiple bundles for “Flower Boy”. So in my irresponsible ways I purchased the first bundle that dropped, the VOTE IGOR Pack, which contains a shirt (XL cause I’m big boned), one of three button designs, one of three sticker variations and 1 of 2 possible lawn signs, in total I paid $43.70 for the bundle. So let me run down each item for you. The shirt was pretty cool, I like the idea of all the buttons since this is a mayor theme bundle but I do feel that the shirt was a bit plain, however my biggest issue was the designs for the buttons seemed faded. My sticker was a silver, reflective type color with VOTE IGOR in black, dope sticker for the collection. I got the VOTE FOOR IGOR button which I also thought was dope, definitely a cool little knick knack item. Now the big ticket item that I feel makes this bundle worth the 40 dollars is this lawn sign that reads “VOTE IGOR”. I got the pink version over the silver and black version, which is the best version since pink is a staple for Tyler right now. I think this bundle was a great deal, a normal shirt from the GOLF WANG store cost around $40, for $43 you get almost everything else for about $1-$3 dollars give or take. This bundle was worth it but sadly GOLF WANG’s site has updated and these are no longer available, so hit up Grailed to get any of these bundles.

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