Wu-Tang: Of Mics and Men EP – Wu-Tang Clan (Review)

2019 is the year of the Wu-Tang Clan, Showtime is helping us finally get a Wu-Tang Clan documentary that showcases 25 years of the supergroup from Staten Island, New York in a 4 episode mini series titled Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men. With this documentary being released a 7 track EP of the same name has also been released and it definitely has some bars but is not perfect. Now I haven’t personally watched the new episodic documentary but I have listened to the EP at least a dozen times just so I can give a honest opinion. Now I seperate albums and EP’s when it comes to skits for a reason, because while this is a seven track EP it is only 4 songs long and 3 skits deep, being that it is 18 minutes long you only really have to listen to 13 minutes worth of music due to the skits being snippets from the documentary.

The EP is mainly produced by RZA but also has guest production work from DJ Scratch, Core and VitalSignzEnt while having guest features from Nas, Cappadonna, Harley and Cheo Hodari Coker. “On That Sht Again” starts this EP off, produced by DJ Scratch this track definitely has a different production sound which isn’t bad, I like the sound of it and it serves as a way to say Wu-Tang is back and here to take niggas by storm. Ghostface Killah and RZA use their verses to tell you who they are and why the Wu-Tang is here to takeover. “Seen a Lot of Things” has a dope vibe to it, RZA takes control of the beat while Raekwon and Ghostface drops some solid bars, Harley also does a good job on the hook making this my favorite song overall out of the 4 tracks. The first skit titled “Project Kids” features Nas talking about why the Wu-Tang was special and the how they all came from the projects, Nas and the Wu. “Do The Same As My Brother Do” has the most 90’s sound to it, RZA takes his chance to takeover a whole song and drop some really good bars that brings some social conscious flair into the song, but the second verse doesn’t hold up that same weight, only really keeping me in tune towards the end. Skit 2 titled “Yo, Is You Cheo” features Cheo Hodari Coker being a former music journalist revisits his first encounter with the Clan, recounting how Masta Killa walks up, ask “Yo, is you Cheo” and clocks Cheo for his view on the Wu-Tang Clan, being that the Clan would indeed roll up and take on anyone who disrespected their name this is a funny little skit in the EP. “Of Mics and Men” which serves as the final track is also very well put together track, Cappadonna steals the song in my opinion over Masta Killa and RZA, but Killa does bring some heat. Skit 3 which concludes the EP definitely has that this is the end sound to it, “One Rhyme” which has GZA and Masta Killa on it, Masta Killa recalls how he was introduced to the Wu-Tang Clan and give story to his verse for “Da Mystery of Chessboxin'”. Now this EP isn’t perfect, I feel that this is solid and definitely deserves a listen if you’re a fan of the group or if you’re watching the documentary. I think my standout track has to be “Seen a Lot of Things”, this would be the best song overall in my opinion but this is still a solid EP from the Clan. Salute to the Wu-Tang Clan for their impact in Hip-Hop, may Ol’ Dirty Bastard Rest In Peace.

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