SPEEDBOAT – Denzel Curry (Audiovisual)

Florida’s Denzel Curry delivers a late 80s action packed love letter in his second single for his upcoming album “ZUU” titled “SPEEDBOAT”. The song itself sees Denzel debat his current position, from new and old funds to how his rise is fast and growing as we get closer to his albums release. Curry also throws love towards another Florida born artist, the late XXXTENTACION in the chorus with the line “My dawg didn’t make it to 21, so I gotta make it past 24.” The visuals were directed by Zev Deans and do not feature the Florida rapper but do seem to be collective cuts from iconic Miami themed shows and movies like Bad Boys and Miami Vice. This only builds more hype for the next chapter in his career with his fourth studio album “ZUU” just a week away and makes me look forward to this embracing side of Denzel to his Florida Roots.

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