LIFEBLOOD – ApolloxRicky (Review)

San Jose based artist ApolloxRicky drops a EP that plays into his Bay Area roots and makes you wanna hit a function. I had one question for ApolloxRicky, what is “LIFEBLOOD” and he told me “I wanted to do something with energy and rage and just lots of energy.” Now let me start this review off by respectfully saying that this EP’s production reminds me heavy about Jaden Smith. A funny little note from me is I am a big Jaden Smith fan and love his craft but I am in no way comparing ApolloxRicky to Jaden Smith because they are both creative artist, but I always draw a similarity between the two. The EP starts off with “Run It Up”, a fast paced track with tons of bass. The songs lyrics talk about running up figures, glasses and having fun. “Countin’ My Racks” features Avishhh and is about staying on your bread, keeping it stacked and what to avoid to keep it full.  Track 3 titled “Do My Lil’ Dance” features 1kv and Sammy Shiblaq, this is the track that defeiently screams hyphy for me. The beat is reminds me of a mid-00’s hyphy joint, full of collar popping and thizzing. I think this is the stand out track personally and can see this as a club single with ease. “What I Like” follows after and this is where I make my Jaden Smith similarities due to production and the use of autotune which Jaden is now using regularly. Good track, enjoyed this one as well and could see this being a party jam. Track 5 titled “Talk to Me Nice” has me mixed, because I love the lyrics, I love this aggressive sound that comes from Apollo’s voice, but my one thing is I don’t enjoy the beat very much, the beat gets the job done for me but I do wish it may have been slower or more dark. Overall this is a solid song though, just wish I could have had more aggression because this song made me get turned up and ready to brawl. “Can’t Let Her In” closes the EP and definitely has a story that many who have trust issues can relate to. The lyrics revolve around how it’s hard to let a girl in your life, that sometimes when you think you love them and they love you that they may just be a snake in the grass waiting to strike. I think this song if it was a minute longer would have been great, because this was a smart song, with the wording clever, having the woman in question ask if she can get in Apollo’s ride, to then be hit with a no, as he feels he can’t let her in. This is a song that I feel if expanded more would have been perfect. Overall this is a solid EP full of potential for ApolloxRicky to grow, I’d say if you like party music and want something different than check out this EP, you can also follow ApolloxRicky on Instagram, @apolloxricky.

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