Do You – Bow Wow (Throwback)

The year is 2006, Pixar’s Cars was killing it in theaters, I had my Lighting McQueen portable CD player and Donovan McNabb was the coverstar for Madden NFL 06. A young Anthony only owned a handful of CD’s, but the one I remember having was Bow Wow’s fourth studio album, “Wanted” released in 2005. Now while I could tell you how this is Bow Wow’s best album and how much I absolutely love this album, I’m gonna tell you about track 1, “Do You.” Produced by Jermaine Dupri and LRoc, “Do You” starts with fangirls calling out for Bow Wow and a slow drum roll buildud, as it picks up and gets louder enter Bow Wow spitting bars, written by Dupri, LRoc and Jaron Alston. The beat has this kick your ass type feeling, it could be because around this time Lil Anthony was a school fighter but I’ve always affilated this song to just rising above others limitations and to fight for what you want. Listening now, 13 years later I still get this feeling of hustling until you succeed, this song is great because though I’m reflecting 13 years in the past the feeling never changed. I absolutely love this song and would recommend any hesd who wants to test me to listen to this joint and tell me you don’t bump your head, Bow Wow in 2005 was the shit.

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