A Curly Haired Angel Rising Out of Oakland

Ya Curly Haired Angel is a local Bay Area business started by Mexican-American graphic designer Angel Espinosa. From Oakland to San Jose, Angel has always found enjoyment in dabbling with art, things like 3D models of video game weapons to your straight paintings. At first Angel had made a Krispy Kreme inspired design that said “East Oakland” but as a demand began to grow for his clothing he pushed all her stock out and began mocking up ideas for her current run of clothing. When I had asked Angel about some of his inspirations she had listed that Tyler, the Creator, Kevin Abstract, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi and Kanye West all inspired due to them all working hard to get into the position they have now respectively gotten. To quote Mr. Espinosa, “Tyler really had that bad bitch energy and said I wanna make clothes that I wanna wear and I don’t care what other people think about it.”

Angel’s one goal is to have everyone own at least one item from his collection. He realizes how much of a stretch that is but at the same time she has been self funding this and still has remained a student at San Jose State University all on his own. I personally discovered Ya Curly Haired Angel through a paid ad on Instagram. I was drawn in by how simple and cute the angel looks. I love the whole characters design, from the dimple details on their face to their beautiful curly hair, these angels soar to a feat that shows why we should support our small, locally funded entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to personally own one of these adorable hoodies so I may review it fully but from all that I have seen and spoken to with Mr. Espinosa I have no doubt I will get a high quality piece of art. If you would like to support Angel’s brand, hit the button below to get directly taken to her site to purchase a hoodie or some stickers. Follow Curly Haired Angel on Instagram and Twitter @yacurlyhairedangel for updates on clothing releases.

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