Darkest Hour – MCRE x Tiffany Topel x J57 (Single)

Mental Health Awareness Month is May and Connecticut based MC, MCRE released a chilling track to help in his part to spread awareness about mental health. The track starts with some eerie humming that then leads into verse one. The first verse speaks upon substance abuse, handling your issues by either popping pills or drinking to relax the nerves and make you temporarily forget. After that a small hook picks up by Tiffany Topel which follows into humming that continues on beat for verse 2. The second half of the track feels a bit more personal by the first line, “Dear bro, always the life of the show telling dad jokes…” which makes me feel that this song is in a way a dedication to not only those silently suffering with Mental Health issues but as also a remembrance for someone who has passed away from it. The years I’ve followed MCRE he has never once lyrically disappointed me and this is definitely one of those times where his bars are dark, deep and in tune with each other. If you wanna hear more from MCRE follow his Instagram, @danakadaniel and also check out more from Tiffany Topel (@fannytee) and J57 (@j57music).

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