To My Love – Ruff Wizard (Single)

Dallas based Indie / Yacht Rock band Ruff Wizard dropped a very calming, heartwarming song titled “To My Love”. The band consist of Christian Blevins of Florida, Levi Weiss from Indiana on guitar, Stephen Goodson with the sticks and guitar and then Chris Escarfullery on keys and singing. The band shares inspiration from artist like Hall & Oats, Michael McDonald, Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers. When I spoke o Chris, he told me he used a 70’s synth and a Yamaha DX7 to add a throwback vibe to the song. This song delivers in that synth vibe, I feel like I was taken back to the late 70’s, early 80’s with this track. The band has a EP set to drop in June, so if you’re feeling this sound then follow their social media, @ruffwizardmusic for their Instagram and Twitter.

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