GRoCERIES – Chance the Rapper x TisaKorean (Single)

Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper comes out with a funny and lighthearted track featuring TisaKorean and Murda Beatz. Produced by Murda Beatz and Tisakorean, this single is a summertime jam, throwing me back to when I was little with lines like “Use to carry all the groceries in one trip (Hercules)” and “Take me to the box, Bandicoot, let me crash”. Do not go into this song expecting something deep, this is just a feel good song to bring you back to some simple times, for me it takes me back to when I was younger and it really was simple like Simply Lemonade. Let’s see what his latest LP, “Owbum* (CTR4) sounds like, if it’s anything like this I defiantly have interest.

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