STRIKETEAM – Mr. Cheeks & Craig G (Review)

The 80’s and 90’s come together for what I believe is one of the best releases from two Golden Age artist. For those who are not familiar with Mr. Cheeks and Craig G, here’s a little lesson on both. Mr Cheeks is the nephew to the legendary Gil Scott-Heron and lead-vocalist of South Jamaica, Queens group, Lost Boyz. Craig G is a member of the 80’s super group, Juice Crew founded in Queensbridge, New York. Now I’d be lying to you if I told you that I had known these two were making a EP but I can pleasantly say I am happy by this little surprise. Right out the gates track 1 titled “You and Me” drew me in through the J Dilla like introduction beat, a constant theme I felt when listening to each track was a late 90’s, early 00’s vibe which was very funny since Craig G has been rapping since 1985, a whole 34 years yet I felt like this was something familiar from a era of music I was raised around. The songs lyrics act sorta as a bragging battle, hinted by the title that this is the level and state I am at while you (Me) are at a lower or not equal status, which I fuck with. Track 2, “Never Settle” takes me back to that hunger and hustling sound in Rap, that slanging dope on the block type ish. It reminds me a bit production wise like Cam’Ron’s “Oh Boy” featuring Juelz Santana. “Skinny Jeans Funeral” is a very comedic track at the half-way point of this EP. The song dissed the questionable fashion taste modern day rappers rock, names were not mentioned but you can defiantly figure out that it’s directed to artist who disrespect older and more veteran MC’s. Track 4 which is produced by Pete Rock has a very 90’s vibe to it. “Rebel Music” is defiantly a banger track good for getting your blood pressure up and cracking a head to, it’s a very well put song lyrical and production wise. “See Me” is very similar to “You and Me” content wise but is a good song none the less, I like the beat as it reminds me of a classic PS2 game, NBA Street Vol 2 when you would activate a gamebreaker and pretty much the game made you godly for a couple of seconds. “Soul” serves as the final track of the EP and I like the hook a lot, this reminds me a lot of a R&B joint in the 00’s, very smooth and enjoyable like wine with a sunset. In my full humble and honest opinion I think this EP is well worth your 25 minutes, it is crafted towards older heads with a spin on some modern to traditional production. I would recommend this for those wanting to spice their playlist up.

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