What is “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” by Tyler, the Creator?

Former Odd Future member Tyler, the Creator has just dropped what appears to be a snippet to a song simply titled “_ _ _ _ _ __ _” that could possibly give us insight on what to expect from the California based artist. Now the title of the song is either a 8 letter word or possible a acronym, however based off the beat I can make the assumption that he will follow a very similar sound style to “CHERRYBOMB” and “(Scum Fuck) Flower Boy”. The 51 second snippet begins with a sound that to fans of “CHERRYBOMB” may leave you saying this sounds like “DEATHCAMP” but as the track continues on it proceeds to break that guitar riff with a beat that sounds like something Run The Jewelz would produce. This snippet though releases not to long after a recent leak showing Tyler along with 4 other Billboard artist possibly putting out John Doe albums by summer. The visual for this snippet is very interesting as well, it reminds me of that Adult Swim, weird vibe, which is funny since Tyler along with other members of OF stared on the Adult Swim original, Loiter Squad which was a skit show written by Tyler with many of his friends appearing on the show. I definitely can not wait to see what else Tyler drops but for now these 51 seconds give us a sneak preview of what’s in the mind of Tyler Gregory Okonma.

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