Comic Book Mixtape Vol. 2 (Special Edition) – Highrowglyphfix (Review)

New York based MC, Highrowglyphfix released a new LP, “Comic Book Mixtape Vol. 2 (Special Edition) and let me tell you this is defiantly worth the $10 dollars I spent to support this project. If you’re into comic book characters then this is the LP you need to hear. Highrowglyphfix’s description throughout these 10 tracks about some of his favorite characters is clever and at times breath taking. One of my favorite tracks has to be track 1, titled “Venom” and featuring Highrow’s brother Short Fuze, the two also form a duo by the name of Conceptz. The song itself has a dope sampling of snippets from the 2019 released film, Venom and has a lot of love shown to the origins of Eddie Brock and the symbiote named Venom. Another real well crafted song is track 9, “Guy Gardner”. This joint used the “Reel It In” beat from AminĂ©. The song itself acts like a argument towards why Guy is the best green lantern over the likes of John Stewart, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner.

Now my one grudge here is I wish we had more. While I do enjoy each track from a geeky and rap perspective I wish I had just a couple more tracks, after track 10, “Mystique” it ends very abruptly. I was bummed because I was hoping for just a little bit more from the LP as far as length goes, quality and content wise the album is phenomenal and deserved my 10 dollars. If you want my take you should pick this up for 10 bucks if you are a fan of bars, I didn’t know a lot about these characters but when I was listening I learned little facts about characters or traits that made me say damn that’s dope. Pick it up, I think it’s worth every dollar, just hit the button below and it will take you to his music, also follow Highrow on his Instagram, @highrowglyphfix.

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