World War Z is a Fun Mess (Review)

World War Z is the new game published by saber interactive that centers around 4 players fighting up against un-dead hordes. It’s clear the the it takes large inspiration from the game “Left 4 Dead”, a game loved in the gaming community for its simplistic entertaining game-play of friends vs zombies. Although there is fun to be had in World War Z, it doesn’t manage to hit all the marks.

First things first, lets talk about what the game got right. Teaming up with your friends to fuck shit up against hordes of zombies is always going to be fun no matter if the game is good or bad. And that’s the biggest appeal of this game, the co-op madness. You and your friends will be overwhelmed by zombies having to look after each other without dying. Having different types of zombies keeps you and your friends on your toes, and the zombies non stop aggression keeps your moving. Without having friends to play with, this game takes a big hit.

In terms of a zombie game, it doesnt do anything to reinvent the wheel. Most of the story consists of you going to a location, defending it, then going to the next, and rinse and repeat. Gameplay wise the game feels unfinished. The movement isnt as smooth as it could be, theres a couple glitches you will run into, and the missions become extremely repetitive.

If you go into this game with the right expectations, you will enjoy your time. As long as you have friends to roll with, you will have fun, but I cant recommend buying this game at full price.

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