20 Years of Operation: Doomsday (Musical Hippie History)

20 years ago (4/20/1999) MF DOOM released his solo studio debut album, “Operation: Doomsday” on Fondle ‘Em Records. Originally named Zev Love X, DOOM was one-third of KMD along with his brother DJ Subroc (RIP) and Rodan (Later replaced by Onyx the Birthstone Child) from Long Beach, New York, DOOM was rapping back in 1988 as Zev with artist like 3rd Bass and Brand Nubian. But after DJ Subroc was hit and killed by a car trying to cross the Long Island Expressway, X feel back into the shadows and wouldn’t emerge until 1997, sporting a shaved head, hoodie and most notable a gladiator style mask, in comes DOOM. The album is to me, some of the most raw and juicy lyricism you can hear from a artist who went homeless and found a new identity in the rap game. Produced by DOOM, the late Subroc and also MF GRIMM, the beats in this album slam, with a funky Jazz-Rap fusion seen by artist like A Tribe Called Quest or Slum Village. If you have never listened to this gem I highly recommend you do.

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